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About OneUp

Deidra Fisher, founder of OneUp College Consulting, is a former high school English teacher, professional writer and business consultant, and mother to two college-aged children. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Baylor University and a M.Ed. from Houston Baptist University. 

As a teacher in an International Baccalaureate school, I had the privilege of working extensively with students of all academic abilities and backgrounds in their college search and application journey, many of whom were first generation college students. I believe firmly that finding the best college FIT is most important, and is not limited to a short list of highly selective universities. My goal is to help students explore the colleges that interest them, and ultimately find the right school for their unique academic and social goals, personality, and career interests. I strive to help my clients leverage their unique talents and experiences, and showcase their accomplishments while easing the stress for families of an intricate, time-consuming process.

The BEST school is the best FIT school for your child!

OneUp helps college-bound students with:

  • Assessment of student needs, academic profile and preferences for college placement
  • Developing an appropriate college list
  • Coaching for college visits and interviews
  • Brainstorming, writing and editing essays (ApplyTexas, Common App, Merit Scholarships, Supplemental essays)
  • Resumes--paper and e-based
  • Application tracking and follow-up
  • Financial aid and scholarship search
  • Private tutoring (AP English and writing)

How I can help

I offer individualized college essay instruction, essay boot camps for small groups, as well as advising for transfer and graduate school students working on admission and scholarship essays.  

I also offer full-service college application packages to help you and your child with school research and applications, test strategy, essays and resumes and scholarship searches. With a full-service consulting package, you and your student benefit from my curriculum, TrackIt (see below), which takes a deep dive into everything you need to know to find and apply to the right colleges for your needs.

College Essay consulting

You've got 650 words to create your best impression. YIKES!

Most students say this is the most daunting task of the entire application process. And this is where I can help you shine. Using my process, you'll connect your core values to personal life stories so that you become much more than another applicant in a pile of forgettable essays. You'll probably even learn a little more about yourself along the way. I'll help you find the inspiration to create a compelling, memorable essay that stands apart, and illustrates who you are beyond your test scores and grades. I WON'T write your essay--but I will help you discover a simple process for telling your inspiring and engaging personal story.

In our time together, we will:

  • Review the ApplyTexas and Common Application essay prompts and brainstorm ideas.
  • Discuss possible topics and compare strong vs. weak samples.
  • Evaluate your unique values, character traits, interests, goals and experiences 
  • Discuss writing strategy and how to add voice, structure and detail to your story
  • Edit, revise, edit, revise, edit and revise until it's PERFECT

Your voice. Your story. Your knock-out college essay. 

Full-Service College Application Packages

Many parents and students find that using a college advisor for multiple services helps streamline a complicated and time-consuming process, ensuring that deadlines are met, test scores and resumes are improved, essays are carefully crafted, and tensions are lowered. But using a different expert for essay writing, college choice advising and application tracking can often mean just more headaches for you and your child. I can help with all of these services! If you are looking for a college concierge to help take the guesswork and stress out of your final year at home with your child, I offer two consulting packages, depending on the age of your student. 


  • Refine and finalize college list, and provide guidance for college visits
  • Deliver college essay prompts, brainstorm essay ideas, assist with draft development and essay editing (Common App and Apply TX essays included in package price)
  • Assist with resume development and editing
  • Communicate and monitor application deadlines, requirements, completion and submission 
  • Review and edit applications for up to 8 colleges (Apply Texas and Common App)
  • Provide guidance regarding early action, early decision, acceptance letters and possible scholarship awards.
    • Price: $3,000


  • Conduct personal inventory and personality assessments to discover qualities and characteristics that make specific colleges a good match
  • Initial consultation fall of the junior year to create a list of appropriate universities and plan test prep
  • Deliver university research including student demographic, academic offerings, tuition, testing requirements, deadlines, etc. 
  • Review earliest scores, plan for subsequent testing and comparison of requirements for target schools
  • Deliver essay prompts in the spring and help brainstorm and edit essays (Common App and Apply TX essays included in package price)
  • Provide guidance for college visits and tours
  • College interview coaching
  • Senior year inclusions listed above
    • Price: $3,500

Comprehensive Track It curriculum

I use an engaging and comprehensive college planning curriculum called TrackIt, which breaks down a complex process into individual "lessons" for parents and students. Lessons include detailed Fact Sheets, Student Worksheets, a PowerPoint presentation and Parent Newsletter. The TrackIt curriculum includes 9 units: Self Assessment, Academic Planning, College Applications, College Search, Essays, Financial Aid, Testing, Scholarships, and Communications. Special units are included for Student Athletes and Visual & Performing Arts students. TrackIt empowers students to take charge of their college preparation and assures parents that they are getting expert guidance and advice.

   Informative. Detailed. Dynamic. Professional.

Informative. Detailed. Dynamic. Professional.



If you do not want or need a full range of services, you may carve out a single service, such as essay writing and editing. My hourly rate is $125, billed in 15 minute increments. When consulting on college essays, I don't "rewrite" or create a "voice" for you. But I do help you organize your ideas and provide feedback about mechanics, style and focus. I prefer to work with students BEFORE you've written anything so that I can help you brainstorm ideas and find a topic that will tell your unique story in a memorable way. Generally, a top-notch essay will require 3-4 drafts (sigh). Yes, that's what it takes, but you will have a finished product that you can be proud of when it's over!

For college counseling and essay advising, I charge an initial consultation fee of $175 for one hour of my time. At that point, we can discuss your needs and I will provide a firm estimate of the hours needed to provide those services. The consultation includes informative materials and resources you keep and use for the application process regardless of whether you choose to retain my services.

Give your child the edge.

It's a competitive world out there. Choose a college advisor who works in the best interests of your family, and provides the support and confidence your student needs to choose colleges that will be the right fit, navigate the application process and stand out with university admission officers.


Deidra Fisher (972) 365-8610


Serving the Dallas metroplex area. I also can work with clients "virtually" through Skype, Zoom and other technology tools.